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2022 Spring NSELL Calendar

What to Expect When

Registration Deadlines

Majors, AAA Closed on 02/04
T-Ball, Farm, AA End of March




Teams & Schedules Announced

Majors Week of 03/13
AAA 03/20/2022
T-Ball, Farm, AA 03/27/2022


Coaches Meeting

Majors, AAA* 03/23/2022
AA* 03/30/2022
T-Ball, Farm* 04/06/2022

* Tentative Dates

Practices Begin

Majors, AAA 03/28/2022
AA 04/04/2022
T-Ball, Farm 04/24/2022

Note: Exact date determined by your team's coach

Opening Day Ceremonies

April 24th 2022 - More Information to Come!

Games Begin

Majors, AAA 04/24/2022
T-Ball, Farm, AA 05/01/2022


Photo Day

May 18th & 22nd - More Information to Come!

End of Regular Season

Majors, AAA 06/02/2022
T-Ball, Farm, AA 06/12/2022


All Star Games

Majors, AAA 06/05/2022


Playoffs Begin

Majors, AAA, AA 06/08/2022


Playoffs End

Majors, AAA, AA 06/19/2022


City Series

Majors 06/26/2022