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For Bowen, Jay Gordon, and Richardson:
  • It is the responsibility of the team leaving the field to perform field maintenance (dragging and raking) before leaving a game or practice.
  • This is true for games or practices.
  • If there is another team going to immediately use the field - as in they are ready to begin - then you do not have to drag the field.  If they are not ready to begin then the field should be dragged/raked.
  • If it is raining then field maintenance may be deferred.
  • If another team is not present and rain is in the forecast within 48 hours the taps should be placed on t Jay Gordon and Richardson.  Just because another team is listed for having a practice isn’t guaranteed it will happen.
  • While the home team is responsible for cleanup it will go much faster if both teams contribute.
For ALL fields:
  • All trash is to be removed from dugouts before the team leaves.
  • All removable items - L screens, throw down bases, etc - must be returned to storage before the teams leave.
  • If a field is muddy you can apply Turface (drying agent) - it should be placed on the wet areas and raked in, NOT just dumped on top of mud.
If teams do not comply with these simple rules the solution will be just as simple: That team will lose its ability to schedule practices and the parents and players will be notified of that decision.